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VSC100 Introduction to Sailing
October, 1 2016 8:00 am

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  • Could you Pass your RYA International Certificate of Competence Licence?

    Try to answer this coastal navigation question (answer at end): At 1035 your GPS indicated a position of LAT 41° 05.3’N and LONG 72° 33.7′ W. At 1103 your GPS indicates your position to be LAT 41°09.0′ N and LONG 72° 40.0’W. What was your

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  • Getting Started in Keelboat Racing

    VSC offers intermediate level sailors our VSC504 Competent Keelboat Racing program for building the foundation of racing knowledge, seamanship and boat handling skills for racing keelboats 24 - 45 ft. This course includes 5 on-the- water skill building seminars and participation as crew in 5 Vancouver area races

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  • 2015 in Review at the VSC

    Our 2015 sailing adventures reflect on what we accomplished last year:  Vancouver Sailing Club and Vancouver Sailing School (VSC) continues it's safety record of 0 (zero) incidents in the first 11 years of our formation which is brilliant- our "Safety is First"  learn-to-sail & cruise

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